Audio, Video, Quantitative Metrics, Observations

HPAtoolbox software can help you collect multiple types of data from complex training environments, including audio, video, and spatial (location/AHRS) data, as well as your own and other experts' quantitative and qualitative observations of training and evaluation events.

HPAtoolbox data collection tools have been deployed in both wired and wireless environments using fixed, body-worn, and hand-held devices.

Templates used by our tools provide customized training objectives, performance criteria, and referential standards -- purchase them from experts, or make your own with Template Manager™, and start your categorizations with eBoard | Observer.


Immediate Categorization, Actionable, Intuitive

Our tools combine and categorize the collected data into actionable information, providing simple synchronized playback/debriefing and visualization of the training activities and events.

Improve your organization's learning rates by using the STOP-TOPS™ model to quickly jump to a categorized event, see the related referential standard and replay with full audio/video. From organizational-level systems such as MOBAARS with webAAR™ to simpler individual applications like eBoard | Objective, our tools allow you to start learning quickly, without having to play through all the data from start to finish.


Relevant, Metric-based, Trend Driven

By applying proven, scientific methods for human performance assessment, HPAtoolbox systems can provide trend analysis and other metrics to help you control inter-rater reliability and give you the knowledge of when to stop, reassess, or resume training.